Friday, October 18, 2013

"Bill's Second Blog" [originally published November 16, 2006]

[Marc's introduction: This entry was intended for publication on October 30, but was delayed due to editorial difficulties.  Now cast your mind back to the pumpkin days of October . . . ]

Several years ago I put together a mix tape of songs that would be good for Halloween, but that is another story, or part of another story.  Along the same lines, I have been thinking of albums that would be good for Halloween.  The list so far is as follows:

*anything by the Doors

*the Cars Heartbeat City

*Genesis A Trick of the Tail

*Pink Floyd Meddle

*King Crimson In the Court of the Crimson King

One can see that  the list leans heavily on the art rock end of things.  This is partially explained by the fact that my musical tastes lean heavily on the art rock end of things.  But, more importantly, art rock bands are among the few bands who make music that is weird and spooky, music where things are a little bit off.  Some people would prefer chainsaw-massacre heavy metal for their Halloween listening.  Even more people would probably prefer dance music.  These are the people who view Halloween as a time to get dressed up like a pimp, with those big furry pink hats that pimps almost certainly don't wear but that we've convinced ourselves that they do, and go out to party.  I view Halloween as a night when one is sitting alone, reading some H. P. Lovecraft, when suddenly, without explanation, the lights go out.  And then, from deep in the distance, comes the chilling sound of an unearthly scream . . . 

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