Monday, December 23, 2013

"Avril Lavigne Is Not a Lizard" [originally published June 23, 2007]

A few weeks ago I went to Leesylvania Park, a park along the Potomac River in Virginia.  Years earlier I had seen some Eastern Fence Lizards there, and I have been wanting to locate and photograph them.  

It turned out to be a cool and cloudy day, bad for seeing reptiles.  But I did find a tree that teenagers had targeted for vandalism. 

Mostly it was this kind of thing:

But on the back of the tree I discovered something else:

Yes, that's right, it says:

  Avril Lavigne

And thus has someone etched a testament not to fleeting young love but to the enduring punk power of Avril Lavigne.  

(The meaning of the abbreviation CBA remains unknown.)

Incidentally, Avril has, for the first time, released a song that I can stand—her new single "Girlfriend", in which she sings like a twelve-year-old girl who's eaten way too much sugar.  I would imagine that most of the song's fans are in fact twelve-year-old girls who've eaten way too much sugar.  I envision a group of them at a slumber party,  jumping up and down in time to the song continuously from 8:00 pm until they pass out at around 4:00 am.  

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